Sometimes, Boring Is Good!

One of the things people dread the most is not having any plans for the weekend.

Picture this for a second, you and your colleague are both making small talk in front of the office coffee machine, and then they ask:

Colleague — What plans have you got for the weekend?

You — Erm…Erm….

What your colleague expects your answer to be — I’m going clubbing

What you really intend to do — Read a book or watch the last the season of Ozark

And then you realise you are the most boring person ever! That has happened to me more times than I can count.

If that’s you, don’t feel guilty; being boring is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact, I wear it like a badge! I would rather meditate on my thoughts over the weekend than enjoy a night out clubbing or drinking.

I understand joining your besties on a stag/hen-do weekend get-away or having a family barbecue but do you need to go out this weekend just to prove you are not a boring person.


Life is freaking hard! I assume that even for rich people, I mean the mental gymnastics that go on in their heads all day to keep all that fortune from slipping and for poor people, it’s how do I survive this day and the next!

I have seen the way people live in Africa and the way people live in Europe; it couldn’t be more contrasting. For the former, it’s mostly about financial survival and for the latter, it’s mostly about social survival.

That is not to say that there aren’t groups on either continent having the reverse of those issues. I have seen the fear of being ostracised and not being accepted as part of the group cripple people because they are considered boring.

It would be downright foolish of me to dismiss those fears, but instead of asking you to change, I would implore you to accept that side of you and utilise it to your advantage.

Wars, politics, recessions, mass shootings, debts, kids and so on. These are all external factors that contribute to the chaos of what we call life and sometimes the weekend is a time to retreat into boring mode and switch off.

It’s only after you are bored you have the great ideas — Naval Ravikant

I always find I have the best inner dialogue on the weekends, rather than getting ready for nightclubs on Saturday night, I meditate or make a nicer dinner that I won’t have time to make during the week, put on some music and cook away. Give it a try, it’s the most therapeutic s**t ever!


I don’t know about you, but I find that when life gets hectic, I slip into my cocoon and hibernate.

I don’t run away from my problems because that would be childish, but instead, I re-calibrate with a quiet me time; I read a book, do some cooking, clean the house, or engage in some everyday life activities most people will consider boring or mundane.

There is magic in doing simple, mundane things when life throws you a curveball. Last week, I got an unexpected exorbitant energy bill; I lost my s**t for a second, took a deep breath, put on some music and cleaned my house.

Whilst performing this mundane activity, I figured out exactly how to tackle my energy bill issue thereby alleviating my panic.

So how do you activate the boring mode? I will share five tips with you, although I warn you that some will be controversial!

Outliers are those who have been given opportunities and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them — Malcolm Gladwell

Ditch the Friday end of week drinks

Yes, I told you this list would be controversial. In my humble opinion, the office Friday get together is a bit excessive. I can probably muster up the ability to attend one of these things twice in six months, and that’s being generous.

I would rather go home and plan my activities for the weekend or cook a healthy, delicious meal for the night. How’s that for boring.

Listen to soul music on a Sunday morning

It’s such a shame that soul music is dead! I wasn’t alive when soul was one of the more popular genres, but I appreciate it now more than ever.

Nothing beats the voice of Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker or Whitney Houston on a Sunday morning whilst sipping on a cup of tea. I just realised that is pretty boring!

Read a book on a busy train

People are so glued to their phones nowadays (me included, although I try hard not to indulge); if you want to take your boring mode up a notch, bring a book along on your next train ride and read.

Being one of the 1% who read a book during a train ride is gratifying!

Work on your side hustle on a Saturday night

This tip activates the boring mode and the responsible mode! Depending on where you live, if it’s a city, you know Saturday evening is the s**t.

Everyone is dressed in their best attire ready to party, but not you because you have a dream to fulfil. You dream of owning your business, so you will do the responsible thing and work on fulfilling those dreams.

Find your inner black swan

This tip was inspired by the book The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I have always believed in taking the well-worn path for most of my life because it’s safe, but that is a terrible mistake.

Be the outlier instead, be different and unique. The outliers make the most impact, for better or worse. For the better in your case, but it all starts from realising that sticking with the pack and playing average will only make you a white swan.

The inability to predict outliers implies the inability to predict the course of history — Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Remember, boring does not mean bad; it means you are responsible, thoughtful, unpredictable, disciplined and willing to stand out from the pack, which takes courage. Be the outlier!



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